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Mario Monette | Canada

“I have downloaded several tabs on the web site and it was very great!”

Pierre Rizo | Toulouse – France

“I like your work who can help a lot of guitar players. I am very bad in music but i love playing guitar, even badly, because that makes me happy. I’m really impressed by the quality of your videos. You play amazing. I bought your tabs and i can play now some melodies. For the moment, it’s impossible for me to play at the same time the rhythm with the thumb and the melody with fingers. But, your tabs are really clear for me. Thanks for your job. And congrats for your video. I love more than original songs.”

Giovanni Fronza | Heidelberg – Germany

“Luciano came highly recommended by his clients, and I have purchased only superb tabs from him. He is a true professional in every sense of the word and exactly knows what a well-transcribe tab needs. His work is thoroughly well done, and always spot on. It’s been a pleasure working with Luciano, and I can highly recommend him.”

Jason Carman | Tampa, Florida – USA

“I am a guitar player from a different backgrounds of Metal/Rock, and many other styles. I found Luciano Renan, and his tremendous Fingerstyle playing one night of a composition he was playing and have been a fan ever since! I invite you to check out his website. Luciano shares his music tabbed out for a small fee and you can watch the master himself showing you how it’s done as you learn. He comes highly recommended in my book, and proud to call him my friend”

Semyon Goryashin | Vladimir Region, Kovrov City – Russia

I have been waiting for a long time when there will be a website with arrangements and waited. Thank you arrangements, this cool . It would be good if the arrangements will be recorded in the program "Guitar pro".

Carlos A. Encarnación MD | Waco, Texas – USA

"It has been a pleasure interacting with Luciano during my recent purchase of his tablature.  Not only is he an accomplished guitarist, but he also prepares tabs that are easy to follow, so that even someone with little talent (such as I) can enjoy practicing with them. Doing business, he is a gentleman. I wish to have the opportunity of meeting him in person someday."

D Rive | Beccles – United Kingdom

''As a blues/soul rock guitarist who loves to dabble in other styles of music, I find that the playing style of this fine gentleman is great to listen to and watch. This makes it easy to follow the pieces being played and to get some idea of how you should be playing them. I also find his rendition of Carmina Burana fantastically played and a total joy to listen to. Thank you for sharing you superb talents with us.''

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