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The Landscapes

From childhood I was enchanted by art. Not only the art made by man, but also the art of nature and its mysteries. The beautiful colors of the sky, the noise of the waters, the shape of the trees, the immense volume of stars at night, the vast sands of a desert, the seabed, the Universe, Life. With that, the songs became more beautiful because when I listened to them, I could see landscapes in my mind and imagine stories and scenarios. There came a time when consuming art was not enough, I also wanted to be able to reproduce and create it. That was when, at the age of 12, the music chose me and did not leave anymore.

The Master

I decided I’d start learning guitar. I went after a teacher who lived in the neighborhood and after I had arranged everything, I told my parents. Isaac Forte, who is no longer among us, was my first and one of the most important masters. He taught me the first steps, gave me important lessons, and his confidence in me was essential for me to continue with persistence in my path.

The First Experiences

At the age of 13 I started my first band with friends and spent my teenage years playing in many rock festivals and festivals in my hometown of Barreiras / BA and in the cities of the region. It was the time when I learned in practice many of the most important things a musician can learn, such as discipline, companionship, and willpower. With luck, I had great friends who were with me sharing these experiences and contributing with each other. We were teenagers who felt like adults on stage. Despite the fun, we face those moments with a lot of responsibility. This was fundamental in my training.

The Change

At age of 19, already living in São Paulo, I felt the need to start studying a second instrument. I wanted to expand my knowledge and I had a goal. As I spent years playing with bands and had experienced different types of situation in terms of stage, I now wanted to play those songs that caught my attention in childhood, which gave me goosebumps, which made me imagine that it was me who was playing. I wanted to be able to reproduce, in my own way, the elements present in those epic themes like ‘Carmina Burana’ or Ennio Morricone’s soundtrack classics, those grandiose works with beautiful melodies. To fulfill this personal challenge, the instrument I chose was the classical guitar.


Because there were no transcriptions of the songs I wanted to learn, the way I wanted to play them, I had to do my own arrangements by ear. Still playing electric guitar in parallel, I didn’t study classical guitar in its traditional teaching form, since my time of study in this instrument was dedicated to discover ways to execute those themes chosen for my repertoire. When I was able to do this, I needed some way to show people my “discoveries”. This is how my YouTube channel was born, as a result of my researches in creating this content for the guitar.

A New Step

After some time, because I liked movie soundtracks so much, I wanted to expand my knowledge once more and went after knowing more about it. As I studied orchestration and improved composition skills, the possibilities for expression became greater, and although I had never left my instruments, I wanted to go beyond thinking the music only for the guitar and the guitar. I began to see it in a much larger way. Joining this to the fact that I always liked the art of composing, I decided in early 2017 that it was time to write my first album. After a long period of work, my debut album is already available in all digital platforms: ‘Aurora’.

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